Friday, October 17, 2008

The real story behind karwa chauth! amny of you want the real thing,the hidden story behind karwa it is,direct from a kavi sammelan in Noida

It goes like this:

Once,The owl,the vehicle of goddess lakshmi,got very irritated.. He was very sad and agonized at the same time.How could they?Why should they?were the questions roaming in his mind..

Goddess Lakshmi asked him,Whats ur problem?
Thus he spoke:

The vehicles of all gods are worshiped with their festivals.Vishnu ji's vehicle is worshiped,Shankar ji's vehicle is worshiped,even Ganesh ji's vehicle is worshiped...but never me.No body ever cares to worship me.

So goddess Lakshmi said okay,my dear vehicle.I'll look into the matter.She called an all party meeting in the heaven and everybody discussed the issue.
Finally the matter was decided..

Thus she spoke:
Okay,The owl,my vehicle.So you have it.You know that I am worshiped on Diwaali,every year,by one and all...
So lets have this,You shall be worshiped by all women..just a few days before diwaali..

and thus the festival of karwa chauth was born!
(pun intented)!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Hitch Hikers Guide to Akshardham

So there must be a lot of the college people who always wondered what the great temple that stands at the corner of noida more(or patpatganj) is all about.

And there might be another lot who had been there with other college people who also wondered so.

This article is for the first category,though there are no fines for the second category to read it.

Related to fines:there are a lot of rules and regulations regarding the entry of akshardham should not carry,ANY electronic item inside,neither any eatables except a bottle of water(if that is an eatable) or a small wallet.

If you still do bring along any of the prohibited items,they might be thrown in the dustbin(if you do not care) or might be kept in the always busy with huge lines cloak room(if you do care).

Most of the weekends,the temple is busy with people like us,roaming around,or people unlike us shoving bombs into the dustbins(mind you the security at the temple is air tight,you undergo a lot a tests(no not for doping)..and its for your safety).

So better go on weekdays,but NOT on a monday.(no its not about your solah(16) somvaar vrat..the temple is closed).

The best outfit to go in is a kurta lungis,no shorts.

the kurta makes ur entry inside the premises really easy and fast.Though a jeans and tee,non objectionable, no revealing, would be fine too.

Ladies,better wear a suit,though well covering tops and jeans are allowed.

Plenty of food joints inside serving khaman dhokla(they are gujratis)(15 bucks) and yummy sandwiches(35 bucks)(though the cost is a bit high..and higher for those who are able to live on a plate of maggi per day).

You can either roam around the temple and then come back or make your time worthwhile and enlightening(yes i do get commission for this) watching the exhibtion,about the story of Swami Narayan(no guesses for who he was..i'll give you a hint..the temple is called Swami Narayan Akshardham)

The exhibition costs 125 bucks per banda/bandi.but is really worth it.(you can imagine i have been there 3 times).

It includes a animated series of stories,an automated boat ride and a movie on the IMAX theater.(no its not Sinnnggh is kiinngg)

pay rs 20 extra for a great light and music fountain show, happening at 7:15 pm.(you can go to the temple only for this too. separate tickets for the fountain show are available)

And while going not miss out the souvenir shop near the canteen. It sports great tees for 150 to 250 bucks..cds for 40rs.and nice souvenirs to gift at reasonable prices.

The best way to reach the temple is by catching a rs 10 auto to patpatganj from the chowki near the collg.and then taking a rs 15 rickshaw to the temple.

and if youre going with a team, make sure you return before 8 since the auto's are a scarce after this time.

So I summarize:
reach by auto,catch a rickshaw.
No eatable,gadgets,lighteretc. indside.Carry the minimum.
Small wallets are allowed. NO big purses/bags.
Plenty of eateries inside.
You can either see the temple and/or the exhibition.
Musical fountains is gud too.

Since I enjoy people staying on my blog for a long time,i again repeat, some things not to forget:

Make your trip on weekdays. weekends will see you waiting for at least 2 hours, for entry into the exhibition, and that too you need to get ur tickets time stamped.(seriously)

Carry minimum amount of extras(big purses,bags,phones(there's a booth inside)).You don't want trips to the cloak room be your only parikrama.

Make sure you have the parikrama of the main shrine.the elephant carving is really worth a watch.
Best go in winters. and NOT on a MONDAY.

MOST IMPORTANT:Pay me a commission if you liked the temple.s Pay me in cash or kind at the bikaner waala,even if you didn't enjoy.