Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Terror attack?haw....hun ki?

Recently,4-6 darinde came to our country and showed us where we are and what we stood for.

Fine enough,they thought they were cool enough to barge into any hotel and start firing indiscriminately,and we thought we are also cool enough to shoot them down and plan a counter terrorist strategy.

We were exposed,they were exposed(and killed) and now we have great talks with all intellectuals participating and describing what happened,why it happened,who is to blame and what is to be done...blah blah..

Thats for what you see on tv.On your part,you did a candle light vigil,forwarded anti-(politicians,terrorist,Pakistan,everyone) messages,and now wait for the hotshots to take decision,while you check your mail and forward some more anti terror emails to other people.

I am not mocking any of this,because it is all happening for good..but long?

bole to..this is all YOUR knee jerk reaction,your impetus decision,your at the moment way of venting out your anger.aur ab aage??

These knee jerk reactions are all but essential to make our politicians and government restructure,reorganize,recalibrate,redesign(and all other long words) our anti terror mechanism.
But on your part,are you living/doing/eating/sleeping/something to stop terror??

Seedhe saadhe sabdon mein beta..end mein....tum velle ho.(well most of us)

Ek kaam karo,is algorithm ko follow karo: ghatiya article ko padne ke baad,dimaag shant karo. article ke baare mein kissi aur ko batao.(cheap publicity)
3.kya ab aage bhi main hi batau?...ok ok...senti mat ho..
do this:
take a firm decision,to complete,or do something(anything) that has been lagging for long,that you always wanted to do,that you thought had talent to do,but never the time.

Use this attack as an opportunity,to complete anything that you always said you'll do later.
plant a tree,prepare a dance,write a book,give some money to charity,spend some time with some NGO,paint,shoot a video,visit a new place,start loving more..start smiling at strangers...

In short,do something,that is creative,that shall spread love.
You need not specially chose the theme to be terrorism or violence.Just express your talent.

kyunki bidu..(the line for which i wrote this whole article)...
Its only absence of love that has made these things happen..

to kya khayal hai?
(chee sameer,tujhse bakwaasss article koi ni likh sakta)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Moongphali mein daana nahi...

ok so a few jokes..roaming in my acche waale hain..

1.we recently gave out an ad in the newspaper for renting out the ground floor.

Aisa nahi hai ki humne puraane kiraye daar ko bahut pareshaan kiya ho,ya uske ghar pe na

hote hue,uska fridge khola ho,ya fridge khol kar uski Us se laayee gayi,Lindt choclate

khayee ho,ya uska kuch samaan gaayab kiya ho...bas woh aise hi chchod kar jaa raha hai...

So we get calls from morning till evening..and guess what...every call we ask:
"aap party hain ya broker?"
(khosla ka ghosla..joke??)
2.I was stading at andrews ganj bus stop.trynig to act lazy by not walking to Ansal

plaza,while it is just a few metres away and trying to find a way via bus to that place.
pehle bande se poocha... ansals ke liye?
he says...catch a bus numbered 413..
fine..thanku bhaiya.aur koi?
aur hain to sahi..par pata nahi.
ok..thanku bhaiya..

saamne ek aunty khadi ho kar moongphali khayee jaa ri thi..mennu chadi khundak...issliye ni

ki woh mujhse pooch ni rahi thi..isliye kyunki..ahem..woh chilke neeche pahen rahi thi..chee


me goes upto that aunty.. ansal plaza ke liye kaise jaaye? kahan par hai?

me:aunty bas mud kar hi yahan se left turn..
aunty:to beta paidal chale jao..

me:aunty phir bhi...matlab joo bhi bas left mudegi...sab jaayengi..
aunty:haan...hmm...*cracks moongphali*...*eats it*...hmmm..*chews it*..hmm...accha..413

number bas..
me:ok aunty.thanku.
moongphali acchi hai?
aunty:*bewildered**still cracking moongphali with teeth*...hmm..acchi hai..
me:aap chilke neeche ni phainko gi to aur acchi lagegi!!