Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sheer love

If my tears can take away your sorrow,
let my eyes run dry..
If my words could take away your pain,
let me speak in my sleep..
If my voice could soothe your scars,
let it never cease..
And if my prayers could heal you,
let my every breath pray.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

The adventures of chi chi chidiya!

This happened between zotta(harjyot) and me...ess emm ess
:zotta paaji,chi chi chidiya called and said ki dhoop badi hai..garmi lagdi hai.Khane peene mein bhi mushkil hai.main to karditta apne yahan...tussi kitta?

zotta:maa nu bol ditta..

next day..
:paaji.chi chi chidiya asks if the work is done.
zotta:ma roz paani khaana daldi hain.

:chi chi chidiya and babaji says thank you to zotta!
zotta:main to kar raha haan apna KARMA
:to chi chi chidiya nu thanku das jo ae mauka ditta!
zotta:jai chi chi!

have you earned your thank you from the chi chi chidiya??
what stops you?
chi chi chidiya likes bajra seeds and water in an earthen vase...
yo chi chi studd chidiyaa!

chi chi chidiya's friends

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pee roblem?

The problem right now is...nothing!

Just we're not sharing enough good things with people.

When we're happy,we remember people who had last done good to us.I say last done,since a single bad action destroys all previous victories.

So when you're something you've never done before...something you've never planned to do before..

Or if you're too tired...
send a funny forwarded sms to a grumpy busy businesslike person?of course,along with,to those who you love!

yo dude!!


Ek subah,college ke mandir ke saamne ek banda mattha tek raha tha..

Nahi bhai kuch nahi hone waala,nahi jaane waala recession.
bhagwaan se kya mang rahe ho,woh to khud girvi pade hue hain!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When you stop living!

"tujhe bhejun sandesh meri laado?
ki tu na aana is des meri laado?"

Often,as it happens,we lose touch of common friends.What say of common old friends but even of ourselves.How we used to dance in the rain,how we laughed and made jokes about any tiny observations we had in a movie,or how we used to do lots of little things,which were fun!

Then,what is the problem?

The problem is,that
1.We are not sharing enough of good things.
2.We are thinking of time,office and work having control over us.

Can you beat that?We actually barter things that we liked(rain,fun) for things like office?

So what can you do?
here's what i do...
Whenever there's something special happening,something that makes me feel glad,something that touches the heart...

I send an abrupt sms.

An abrupt sms like..kyun hoti hai.....<5 lines gap> uttran?
Or something like..Omlette banate woqt kya dhaniya dalta hai?
or the one you see on the top..
or at the most a forwarded one..

And specially send it to people,who you know that wouldn't reply,or those who you think are supposed to be really busy with their work,or people who are down.

9 out of 10 times,u'll get a reply,or atleast u'll talk about this in future...

Don't try this aise hi..try it when you really feel like sending this sms...feel like "I-am-happy-but-this-person-maybe-not"

I've tried it with top notch professionals,directors,teachers,artists, bussy bees.
Just to make sure that they won't forget what they're actually working for!

Random thoughts

During a conversation at Spice mall with ankit(Fankee)

Me:le..sardaar ka phone aa gaya..
Sardar(sitting on the side):(starts talking to his girl friend)

Fankee:haan haan poore updates maangti hai..har baar phone karke apna database update karti hai...
Name:wahi hai..
Address:wahi hai..
Sex:nahi yaar..abhi khana khaaya hai!!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Kabhie jaanti thi teri shama humein,parwaano ki tarah....
kal,teri mehfil mein,tujhse mile,anjaano ki tarah.

Shabdaarth(word meanings):

1.Shama:flame of a candle