Thursday, June 08, 2006

Who let the Dogs out?

This is another poem by me.As again,enjoy it but don't steal it.


pichale dino kuch kutte mere paas aye,
bole thukral ji, apni rishtedaari ka faarz nibhayeen,
humeen kuch sawal sata raheen hain,
kripya kar humeen unka uttar batayeen.

unka sawal sunke main chaunk gaya,
laga koi mere kaan ke paas bhaunk gaya,
vo bole batayeeye,kya hota,yadi insaan kuute ke lakhshan dekhlenge?
main bola,mujh ko aapko sunghta hua payenge ,
agar aisa hota to manav badi mushkil mein pad jayega,
soocho ki itni pareshaaniyoon ka hal kahaan se layega?

classroom mein bacchoon ki waat lag jayegi,
teacher par gussa unki poonch hi batlayegi,
pati patni ke samne jitna ab bolta hai,uss se kam bol payega,
patni ki daant ke saamne sirf poonch hilata reh jayega.
"i love you" to lupt ho gayega,
har premi apni premika se chaahat,
laar tapka ke dikhlayega.

har seat mein ek ched payajayega,
aur har aadmi baithne se pehle,apni poonch ko fit karayega,
subko sadk par bhi dekh kar chalna padega,
poonch ke upar nikalti gaadiyoon ko bhi jhelna padega,
sach boloon to gussa to tab aayega,
jab office ke liye jata vyakti,
pille ki tarah chillayega.

aur jab kissi ko prakrati ki pukaar ayegi,
tab voh usko kaise seh payeega,
aas pass bathroom ho na ho,
insaan pehle khambe se hi kaam chala ega.
aur jab khali ho jaye ega,to aur bura lagega,
jab aadmi mitti jhaad kar kiye karaaye ko dhakega.

jagah jagah sungte aadmi,kis tarah jeebh dikhlayenge,
jab ek bus pakadne ke liye,stand tak hunfte hue ayeenge.

aur yadi doberman ki tarah,
kuch aadmi,bina poonch ke paye jayenge,
to shyayad ye sach ho ki vo,
IIT,IIM mein quot e ka laabh uthayenge.

par asli dikaat to tab ayeegi,jab kisi bacche ka janam hoga,
pandit ji kahenge ki bacche ka naam B se hoga,
chachi chacha,dada dadi,jab bacche ka naam sujhayenge,
aur us ko,aajeevan,boxer ke naam se bulayenge.
Bua fufa,didi bhaiya,sab bacche ko dekne ayenge,
aur us ne naak naksh uske mummy papa se milaenge.
Kahenge,iski naak papa se milti hi,kaan mummy se,
aur bacche ki poonch ko uske dada ki batlayenge.

Par ek samudaye jo is baat ka fayeeda khoob uthayega,
wo aur koi nahi neta kehlayega,
kyunki wo jo pehle tha,wahi baad mein bhi kelhayega,
kuute ka naam uske naam par char chand lagayega.

Sahi maniye,kutta insaan se har haal mein sachha hai,
aur is duniya mein,neta se to kutta hi accha hai.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Patriotic mosquitoes

Hey this is my poem.Read it enjoy it,but don't steal it.

Hello out there,
yes you,beware,
mosquito i maybe,
but you get me wrong baby!

I work day and night,
under the harsh studio light,
to produce things that you like,
i can even speak on the mike,
just for you dear,my schedule is tight,
I appear in All out,Maxo,Good Night.

You may wonder,then why i scream,
in your ears during your dream,
but don't get me wrong silly,
its my love for you truly,really,
and also it works as waking alarm for you,
for species like you are found too few.

And we have got some rules in the game,
one cannot bite the same man again,
we do not like to drink your blood always,
but you see there are no other ways.

But now i have got PAIDS,
its similar to your AIDS,
only just it is aquired politically,
my days remain too few,i tell you really,
I got on friday night,the disease,
I went to Janpath,just at ease,
there i entered a politician's home,
conspiring against his country own,
I bit him,drank:fodder,coffins and bofors,
the blood of the one who drinks yours,
but sadly,at his turn,malaria no,dengue no,
and he gave me PAIDS at one go,
and now i lay dying here,
and he might the enjoying there.

But don't be dissapointed for me,
this might be the turn of destiny,
Bush is coming and he might be next,
i'll be prepared on his context,
for people like him are found rarely,
please pray,i get him,even if barely.


Hello world!

Hello world!

The world is in hurry,so are you and so am I.So i'll just inagurate this blog by saying this is a blog for all you Shakespears and Sunil Jogis,for those who write peoms,err,poems.

Poems,about life,about India,about fun and laughter.

Thoughout the span of this bloglife,this new member of the virutal world will feature,poems,of course,both by me and by you.

And after reading my poems and your poems,it is actully a compulsion for the one who reads it,to clap,

beacuse in India,my country,we believe that those who wont clap after a god poem,would go clapping in each household,in their next life.

So enjoy this journey,this bilingual blog,by making your contributions and copying mine.

Sameer Thukral,