Thursday, January 15, 2009


College ke kaarnaame:

A few things happened in the college,or let me say,with some college people and though i hate to put it like this,I was the central joker in all.

Both of them,happened the same day,and lemme put them chronologically yet diplomatically:

1.I was coming back from Lakshmi nagar,after meeting a friend and was walking back from the bus stop to my place.As usually happens with people of my age,both of their eyes always fixed into their mobile phones.

I walked past a lady,and then..after a few(10) steps i realize..wasn't this esha's mum?

I turn around immediately,saying loudly,Namaste aunty('t take me like that,i was in a good mood that day,that's why i took so much of pain).

She is bewildered..amazed at the loudness and the distance after which is spoke..and then says..namaste namaste..maine pehchaana ni.

By this time,I had a good look at her,and realize that she does ook like her mother,but then there's some change.

Chalo baal katwaa liye honge i think.Then i give her another look,a grim one this time..and she says,maybe terrified of my face and the absurdity of the situation..haan haan,ab pehchaan liya.

I was still away from my place,so walking back,i again started what my generation is best at.I typed a message:"chee esha,teri mummy ko maine namaste bol ke darrrra diya!".

Happily,I entered my house,thinking what a scene would it be when she asks her mum about this incident.

She replies:"ah...kab?kahan par?".I reply,"koi ni..kal bataunga".

And then,I start off with the paper,thinking what fun it would be to narrate this story to other people.

And suddenly,it occurs to me..both of her parents are out of town for the last one week!

2.Ye waala aur bhi mast tha!

I was to talk to my friends mum and convince her to send her(my frnd) to the college trip.

One of my "dangar" frnd gave me her mum's number,saying hat if he talks,her mum would even stop sending her to the college.SO fine,i say,i'll talk.

I call up one day,(no not so easily..just after much delibration and convincing and rehearsals myself),and ask on the phone for Mrs Day.

Her father picks up the phone,says she's not around and then,maybe because he was busy,cuts the phone without asking any further question about my identity or reason for calling..thankfully(for we are not so much acquainted with him,than her mum).

A few days later,again making up my mind(i had to think upon this and medidate for this.for 3 hrs..nah..kidding),i call on the same number again.Her dad agains picks up the phone.

I ask for Mrs Day,he says,she's not around..And this time...I was not so thankful.He asks,whom am i talking to,for what reason do you want to talk to her.

My mind slams up its breaks and all making up of mind seems only a touch up..I reply in hesitation..hi this is you want insuance??

The gentleman not right now.Thank you.
phew..close shave...

Then we decide to call my frnd up and ask her to pass the phone to her mum.Sure shot,method this time.

imagine what would have happened if she would have said..mum to nahi hai..le papa se baat kar.

His dad replies:haan beta batao,kya bat hai..

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Divine love kissi ke liye likhi thi...
mat poochna!!

her kohl underlined eyes,
as fresh as the mist,
from a morning flower,
elude and draw me,
into infinite ecstasy,
leave behind an afterglow
and a sweet scent
those mystic eyes,
leave me in a trance

I could but only
watch them with awe,
lost in their splendor
to touch,
to see away,
lest they vanish,
in their mystic world

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Did they forget some parts of the Ramayana?

I hope everybody remebers the Ramayana.
This is the version,I was told in punjabi in my pre chidlhood years:

"Ram ji di 'nu' kho jandi hai,woh dhundhde hege,ravan le jaanda hega,phir oh hannuman te baandaraan di sahayata naal humla karde hege,lanka tut jaandi hegi,sita mil jaandi hegi"

But,story mein twist.The story missed out on some crucial points.Some very critical and far reaching discoveries:

1.It is well known that monkeys are always selfish.They'll never think about you or anybody around while snatching their valauable things or foods.At the same time,being simians,they are very fond of their and only their community.Place a langur before them,they won't give him any importance.

So,what did the story miss?The story missed this part:
"while every monkey from all over India were rushing towards rameshwaram,to help Shri Ram in building the bridge from this side to Lanka,and preparing for the consequent battle,
a few monkeys from maharashtra side,were very individualistic.they thought,he's an intelligent human being,let him find ways to do it all alone.Let us care for our community and our monkey kind".

Unfortunately,such moneyistic attitude gave them an advantage of not being wounded or killed in the battle of Lanka.And nature then mistakenly chose them to be the fittest over the rest.
They floursihed,spread their empire and even now they have got represntataives all over.

We still have some of them,still in their true colours,named and famed as..Raj Thackrey!

2.On the other side,the deamon king Ravana also just forgot to use some of his army.They were like his chief reserve force,expert in guirella warfare and spoke very fluent Lankan.

Along with other qualities of hatred,distrust and anarchy of daemons,they had the special quality to sustain their demand for their rights for a very very long period and were also very individualistic.

So they did not die,and prabhu Shri Ram also forgot to punish them.
They also came out to be prosperous,and still have their empire.

We still have them and their cousins around..the LTTE.

okay....maanta hun,these jokes were extremely lame,but...then what else could you expect from me?!