Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Don't you think you're wonderful?
truly lucky and amazing,just to be alive?

Well,I don't say so because of some spiritual guruistic knowledge,dawned upon me from some sixth adobe above the clouds.

I can say so scientifically!

I hope you know the third law of thermodynamics,about entropy,about everything moving from order to chaos,spontaneously?
That in order to reverse this process,it takes hell lot of energy?

and then you see around,and find everything around you behaving in accordance to this law?

Except you?

your body is a structural marvel!its a biologists nightmare!

so many enzymes,so many chemicals rolled into one,one concrete bound mass,not disorder,not randomness,but complete harmony,and synchrony!


Of course it would take a lot of energy to maintain this level of order,so why does this happen?

Here's my abstraction:
The whole,i mean the whole system of the universe wants to express something out of you.That's why so many different chemicals,decided exactly of heir composition and came together to form you.

What it is,when it shall come,none knows.But that's the reason why such humongous amount of energy was spent in creating you,to create such order.

The very fact that,while i bathe,i do not disintegrate,is simply the reason,why i am so lucky!

Maybe..maybe when u're not acting to express something,or not acting at all,or maybe your expression is complete,you just disintegrate.Simply die.

die die die..my darling!:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

What if?

What if,the world that we now understand,is not as how we understand it?

Just take,for example,your eyes,which allow a visual display of all vivid colors and emotions around you,of all that is happening around you,your world,your home,your everything..the visual input,the camera,your eyes.

what if?

The eyes were not the input,not the camera.But a projector?

The world would change,your eyes projecting not whats around you,but whats in you.Projecting your prejudices,your attitudes,your emotions,your thoughts...but still,on a deeper level,your everything!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


for 26/11 aniversary:

Us din ki yaad mein, hum ek paigaam laye hain,
Ek saal baad, ek naya makaam laye hain,
Jo dil mein hain, woh gehre hain ghaav,
Par zara kholo aankhen,dekho hum honsle tamaam laye hain.

har din har pal, us dard ko jeene ki himmat,
aur watan pe marne waalon ki woh kismat,
hum to reh gaye, na ja sake na jee sake,
Bas sar jhukaye, unke liye, ye kalaam laye hain

Word meaning suggestions:

If you really were/are touched by the incident,
please Fast on 26/11's first anniversary.
Do join us for a Candle lighting ceremony at GIP,Noida on26/11 from 7pm to 8:30 pm.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Chicks waiting!

This diwali,on 12th of October,the Rotractors,the youth division of Rotary club put up a stall at a Diwali mela,where these cuddly chicks made by children at Grace home orphanage,were also on display.

The announcement we made on the DJ was...
"Cute chicks waiting for you,to take them home,at stall number 2 by Rotract club noida!"

Friday, October 09, 2009

Kal phir socha

Kal phir socha,ek ghazal likhen,
Kuch naya likhen,ya phir nakal likhen,
Kucha isa jo ghazalon ki hasrat badal de,
Misro aur panno mein kaid kuch aise pal likhen.

Labz mere aur naam tera ho jinme,
Mehak teri,kalaam tera ho jinme,
Honth mere aur jaam tera ho jinme,
Rooh tak pahunchta aaram tera ho jinme.

Alfaaz kuch duniya badal likhen,
Phir socha,ek ghazal likhen,
Par..khush bahut hun aaj,
to socha,kal likhen!

Word meanings:
ghazal:a poem

Monday, September 28, 2009


Having won great victories and thinking of doing enough,you sit back,relax and try to enjoy.
Having struggled for long,desperate attempts to get past a situation,get a promotion,buy a phone,solve a crisis et al.


Then a thought crops up in your mind.

Is this what remains when you take away every thing?
And everything,means everything,including life(or the life death paradox).

What remains?

And talking of the life death paradox,how do you know that you're not already dead?
What is the difference between life and death?

And lastly,it is fine only,if such questions come to you after loads of joy and not out of gloom and darkness.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And he went on..

And he went on,
not hearing the voices in his head.
he had awakened,
his creative soul.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jis dar par

"Main waale,tu waale,
ban ke reh gaye rah geer,
Jis dar par hum khade hain,
wahan kya raja kya fakeer!"

umm..kya raja kya sameer??
koi mujhe chup karwao?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kalakaar Mare gaye?

Class mein baithe hue ek khayaal:

"phir maar gayee kitaab ek aur kalakaar ko,
par phir ye misra kahan se aaya?"

word meanings:
misra:(not mishra) verse.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Thoughts,thoughts and again,more thoughts.

Is there anything else you identify with?
Is there anything else beyond thoughts that our mind can feel?

Can that thoughtless state be achieved?

And how do you know,that you're not dead already?

They say,being dead means that the body stops working.Fine.That happens almost in my sleep.
So am I dead?

They say that the thoughts cease to exist.Fine,again in my sleep.

So what is it that makes you dead..or alive?
There has to be something beyond thoughts for it,since thats the last resort we take to define our selves.

So what do you identify yourself with?

"Waqt aa gaya hai,sita ko phir wohi laqueer dikhaane ka,
Sheron ko bilon se bahar kar,unki tasveer dikhaane ka!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kya bane baithe ho?

"Hai kya tujhme,jo khuda ban baithe ho?
aur kya nahi hai usme,jo juda ban baithe ho?"

Friday, August 07, 2009

Arz hai

"un aakhiri palon mein,jab socha kya paya,kya khoya tha...,
kya zameen,kya jahaan,saara aasmaan roya tha.."

Monday, August 03, 2009


Something we never notice,yet something we believe sustains us.

Something we only notice when we're put into a blue line bus with 50 odd passengers,stocked up
and suffocated and groping for a place to keep a hand on.

Yet,something so essential.


And by the way,how are you breathing today?

Are your lungs forcing the breath to come in?

or the breath forcing the lungs to inflate?
What is under your control?

Are you under the control of the air surrounding you?Or is it the other way round.
Try it out!

(after reading the lectures on Raja Yoga,from the complete works of Swami Vivekananda,Advaita Books)

And also,
Why in India,they want to stuff 50 people in a bus and still want to preserve the cultural heritage of India,via section 377??

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mind it?

When I meet you,how do I recognize you?
Of course,by your smell(mind the cliche),or by your voice,your face,or by your touch,and of course,not by your taste.

Simply,I use my 5 senses,of smell,hearing,seeing or touching.

These senses send the signal to my brain,who makes connections and thus recognizes you.

So see this whole process from a different point of view.

Could it be possible,since we do no have any other way of recognizing people,that there is no me or you,its just the brain playing tricks?

Its just the brain,telling the senses that somebody has touched it,or it has smelled something,or it has seen something.

Sounds matrix like?Maybe,but we may have no other way of knowing it,until we try to develop the sixth sense.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


She looks at me,
her scent alluring,
I stop in my tracks,
unable to move,
her icy sheet,
freezes me,
I shiver,
with joy.
The white lilies,
bloomed again.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it?

Is it the eyes that see?
Or is it the mind that sees?

Who interprets?Who makes the picture?

Does the world seem,nay,even look the same to me and the dog?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tasting water

You can't taste water!

It neither has any taste or atleast a very minute,very subtle taste.

You and water are essentially the same!
You're(and even I am) 70% water.So whenever water enters our system,there's basically no chemical reaction,or a very minute one.

No chemistry,no reaction,no taste?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ze boddy!

Written one night for a dear friend:


1.What is the body?

Isn't it just various chemicals,various elements joined together?Various chemicals of various elements,working together?
Even the mind which produces thoughts,is a blob of various chemicals?

Isn't it then just amazing,that a blob of chemicals,the same chemicals that we use in our chemistry labs,
the same chemicals that some times go down the drain in our kitchens and bathrooms,
which we sometimes eat as food,
waste as our solvents and cleaners,

is producing something as fascinating and exciting as a thought?

A thought,something as subtle as what I am writing.

2.What is then pain?
Pain would be just an imbalance in the body's chemicals.

A dis balance which is cured by providing external medicines(chemicals again) or asking the body to look at it and balance itself(acupressure,puncture).

3.Why does pain,then,hurt so much?

Because we can't control it.

The imbalance doesn't sort out itself,automatically,therefore the pain controls us.It goes on until we find something external to control it,a pill or some pressure point.

Sometimes,there is just deficiency of the chemicals in the body,so just a change of diet would cure the pain.

4.But then,if everything is chemicals,simply various phospholipids,proteins,et al,then how can they,the chemicals,arrange and organize themselves so efficiently to create a body,a mind and thoughts?

Why can't a bottle of shampoo containing the same chemicals do so?

What controls these chemicals?Why don't they just spill out?

They are bound by the will.Call it the will,the law,the love,the soul,whatever.

That is what controls them.It works through the mind to control the body.It produces the thought in the mind.

How can then we control the pain,the body and the mind?

By controlling,or by knowing the will or the soul.

Thats what still remains to be found out!
well,chanting is a way,you can try that out,or you can find an way that works for you.

Btw,ever wondered why water doesn't have any taste?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lots of things..

okay...so aaj ka din..

did a few interesting things..which included thinking on these topics:

1.heard kailash kher's new album..awesum dood...yo dude!

2.thought about this:
If the whole world,well most of us,or maybe the most of who i see are running after money,more and more money...then,wouldn't it make more sense,that they tried doing things that were less painful and more paying?

like why should i get a degree,if all i want is to earn money?Why shouldn't i buy a grocery shop and run it and in four years of my degree,i may be richer than I'll be after my degree.

3.Was doing a bit of riyaaz,singing raag todi,and was bored with the usual stuff,so tried this:

a)tried to zoom in from a distance,like the google maps,and tried zooming in on my neighbors house,where i had flown a lot of kites,the stairs where their tenants have their cigarettes,their kaam waali bai who cooks food in the kitchen before the tenants come,

and explain it all using raag todi?

b)played simpsons,muted on the music player,and then tried to mimic all the actions using raag toodi??

4.Its kind of wierd that all we usually use to communicate is sounds.We speak,we talk to each other using words,we communicate.

Yet their are very few words explaining the sounds.The normal small talk is fine,yet just sit back and try to listen to all the sounds,whichyou can't comprehend and then try to describe them.Very few words.

Made a new word after hearing a sound in front of spice,called Rarking.

the spice mall had a board saying parking,and i did this excercise in front of it.so...
ab maaroge mujhe?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Closed eyes

As I,
close the two petals,
and enter into a realm,
yet unknown,
yet infinite,
yet alluring,
dwelling deeper,
into myself.
I blink.


Why do we quarrel?
Why at all?

Because,we believe that we are right and the other person is wrong?
that's the only reason which seems logical,except the quarrel we have just for lightning up the mood.

But then,why do we think the other person is wrong,in a serious quarrel?

Isn't this also a duality?A right and a wrong?

Think about it,were you in their place,under their circumstances,forced to be brought up as they were,wouldn't have you reacted similarly?

Then,where is the quarrel?
Is is just a matter of difference of opinions or just the perspective?

Because,bandhu...no matter how many fights,quarrels,you win..
you just can't win in the end.

By the way,have you met anybody,who cheated death?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Love in the times of origami

"Each piece of paper(soul) is potentially origami(divine)..
Its just a matter of how you fold it..."

me likes origami!

Monday, July 06, 2009


I have,
started sitting quietly,
and let my silence talk.

A deep,sonorous,silence.

And as I stand still,
my silence grows.

Friday, July 03, 2009


Watched gladiator...and...umm...kuch similar hai?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mare jaoge?

As the wretched wrench turns
and the whistles blow,
announcing an end,or its near,
the lighter shades,
the colour fades,
and drains out,
like the palm that,
loses its colour,
pressed against its own thumb.

Written after just seeing and not experiencing the pressure that commercial research
implies,for producing drugs for everyone's benefit,yet draining the same people that make
them happen.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Read them as they're written,with pause after each and every line.

There is,
so beautiful,
no vision,
no pallete,
neither so spontaneous,
none so vast,
yet so deep,
as I met,
and I was,
yet again.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plastic dreams

plastic bag par ban!
plastic bag par ban!

janta ne kaha haan?to haan!
isse kehte hain democracy...
what an idea sirjee?

Will this dream ever come true?

The reason we are not moving towards a completely plastic free society,even despite the fact that they have been banned in New Delhi,is:

fairly simple.
The consumer wants convenience!

Tell me,you are coming back from your office,and want to pick up some supplies of grocery from a local store.You are tired of nagging from your boss and fed up of the traffic.

Would you,at that critical point of time,care to get a jute bag from your place?
Its not convenient.neither is it a total substitute for plastic.It starts stinking after a few days,is not completely water proof,is not stretchable and neither is it light.

Then why should you switch over?

yes yes,,environment and all blah blah...but where's the convenience?

Throughout history,we've seen,if people had better alternatives which had a lower cost,some extra ease,or even same features,but more convenience,every body shifted.

Take the case of cassette tapes?People found cd's better and cheaper and more data storing,so..they shifted..and then to dvds and now..to blue ray discs...

In case of plastic,there's no such substitute.
Or maybe there is..something called PHB.

But then,no body's looking at it.

No body promotes industries producing PHBs,no body wants to market them,no body wants to get then delivered to the end users,no body wants to subsidize them..
and the same nobody...wants a blanket ban on plastics!

If you're a person who can make a difference,find or make people find a real substitute,a convenient substitute for non biodegradable plastic.

Some this that has all the same qualities of a plastic bag,yet is bio degraable and can completely replace plastic in every form.
or atleast some.

tab tak...naare baazi jaari rakho?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oye!bakwass band kar!

Mazza aaya!
phir se!

Something amazing happened.I was replying to a mssg from a friend,who had sent a forward,I didn't like much.
So i replied:oye!bakwass band kar!

and accidentally,sent it to her mother.

Through out the evening I had a gaala time in hiding my identity from her mother,while at the same time messaging her to placate her mother when she reaches back home.

And thus was born a new way of teasing!
So,sent up a couple of messages to people,saying the same thing...oye!bakwass band kar.

When they replied,what bakwass?
Reply:"what bakwass?"ye bakwass.
they say:"bhang khayee hai kya?"
reply:"what bakwass?","bhang khayee hai kya?"ye bakwass!

and go on!!
mast bidooo!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Best wishes for a journey...

"Jaate jaate pardes,des ke din sunhaane lete jao,
Kuch aur na sahi to,waapas aane ke bahaane lete jao??"

Aise hi bas suddenly...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gifat lelo....

you like receiving gifts?

who doesn't?But they say that there's never a free lunch.

Okay,lets do this activity.Chose any mundane activity,that anybody around does for you.Chose any one,like drive you to the college,or wash your clothes,cook food for you,or give you water when you come back tired.

Any activity.
The question is...Why do they do it??

Deep introspection,lots of days,grumpy mood swings later,the answer that I got was..because they love you.

There can't be any other reason.
Why does you mom do all this stuff?Why at all does your friend invite you to his home for lunch?

It may not be that direct,but in a way,in some form,they love you.

So doesn't that love need a reciprocation?
Haan haan,they say that love needs to be selfless,but who doesn't like receiving an unexpected gift?
But if everyone expects a gift,then who shall give?

You dude!you shall give!
You have to pay in love.

It may be difficult to start,but if you really want to appreciate,do it now!
Whenever you go to anybody's place,uncle,aunt's even drivers,remember that you're going and they are receiving you,giving you their time.

So,never go empty handed to anyone's place!

Don't be a shopaholic and go on buying random stuff,

but stuff like a box of orbit chewing gum,
or a cd track you heard,
or a small sheet of paper with cute little baby drawings on them,

or a book you liked n wudn't mind lending
or even a pack of uncooked maggi,which you take along and order them to cook,would be able to repay the debt that you owe them!

Never go empty handed!(but neither so full that they're bound to give you return gifts)

and the best part is...many of you,unknowingly,have been doing this,for long!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

When you are tired and sleeping..
almost into that unknown dreamland that you go into,after you close your eyes..
just when you are about to doze off...
ask yourself,honestly about the day...

What next?
(got a new digicam,threw away the old film based camera,and before that had thrown away the black and whit one,so..what shall be the next technology?)

ask your self...What next?
(had great fun today,enjoyed the rides,but what next?)

and the other question..
Is this the final thing?
Is this all?
Would this permanently remain?
Would still,something,me,you,death,take it away?

and then...when you find your ego expounding and taking you for a ride,your self becoming too much to handle..

ask yourself..

"aaj phir bistar geela karne ka plan hai?"
(would you wet the bed,tonight,again?)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Heard it many times,many times before that in everything you do,think about creating something new(that rhymes,doesn't it?)?

So then,as per this ancient prophecy of doing everything in a new way,lets ask ourselves,what new thing needs to be be done?

In view of the recent attacks and protest in Kashmir and Australia,isn't there a need to protest in a new way?

By now,the so called standard way of protests include,candle light marches,dharnas,rallies,petitions etc,which stood the test of history and have..a proven track record.

Then,I ask,is there a new way to protest?

Mmmmmmmyeeeeaaas...We Indians haven't tried the way what the Japanese do.They protest creatively,constructively.All our protests are,to say generally,destructive.

We burn candles,at places which already have lights,we stop the roads for a rally,stop our work for higher wages.
All of them,if not reduce some resource,also don't increase some other.

Accha yaar,round round jaane ke baje,the point is,lets protest constructively.

For wages,lets over work,so that the company suffers losses not due to our damage of property,but due to extra unsold products.

To show solidarity for someone killed,get your heads shaved off.

To show your anger for not enough schools,teach some children.

To show solidarity for the malnutrition,fast?So that the extra food saved,would finally be given to them.

No no no no...I don't say that,other ways are impractical or useless.They're all ways of showing strength,a show that you care.

The need is to combine the both.

What say a protest march showing that you're angered about lack of schools,ending in a MCD school where you then teach for 1 hour?

Or a candle light march which buys candles from a blind school,and then donates any collected donations to the same school?

Awareness to inti hai,par kaam kaun kare!!

Bole to bidu,munna bhai aayi..aur gaayi...par apan lesson bhool re hain.


(Btw,I'll be fasting this 26/11 as a show of solidarity for the Mumbai terror attach victims.Join in?

http://fasting2remember.blogspot.com/ )

Monday, June 08, 2009


Hey you there!

What are you working for?
If you can read this post from your,iMac or IBM computer,I think you've got enough to sustain yourself for the rest of your life...
then what are you working for?

Maan jaa lala,you're working to create good things for the society,good things for those who can't sustain themselves,good things for people who can't work.

Then why are YOU so tensed?
Then why are you killing your happiness?

Oye lucky,when u're working to create happiness,then how can you do so,by ur self remaining sad?dasso?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Certificates,trophies,medals...et al..

At our age,parents are nothing more than genies.You ask them,request them for something
and they give you that,some times sooner,sometimes later.

Then what else,you ask,you need?Still why is this,emptiness,after having almost

Applause,gifts,trophies,certificates,sweet talk,favorite food,swanky car,good
clothes,everything you got as a gesture of appreciation on some occasion or if you got
them just like that,still,you ask,why this emptiness?

A foreign trip,cooked and warm food when you return late night,a phone recharge whenever
you want,still you ask what is missing?

Apart from all these gestures,all these little things of appreciation,if one really needs
to appreciate,really cares...then..a touch....

A touch is missing.A hug,a peck,a cuddle.A random nose pull,or an ear doggle,a pinch or a
light slap...that's what is missing.

If you really want to appreciate someone,really care,then everything,is secondary,comes
after wards,is dispensable,but a hug.

You shall find children who can live without yummy food,without cars and AC and big TVs
and faster computers,but it shall be hard to find a child who is living without a hug.

Or maybe,it isn't so hard.For most of us have been,living in such a manner,or
rather..dying,murdering ourselves,the child in us,in such a manner.

No other questions.Just ask,when was the last time you hugged your father?

And to start this of,now,is still all the more difficult.But you have to make a
start,start from a handshake or a feet touch daily to a cuddle or a arm hug,and then you
may gradually move on.

Meeting an old friend,after a long time but don't know how to break ice?Hug!
Too busy for family,even though you want to steal away your time for them?hug!
Too busy to talk,but want to give respect,grattitude,appreciation?hug!

The warmth of this hug is enough to break any ice,no matter how solid!

And for the ladies,it might sound a little odd,a little awkward to start hugging.But one
may startoff with the female friends,and give the males a arm hug?The warmth shall
dissolve all awkwardness!

Those on stage,giving a prize,appreciating someone,if with a deep desire to do so,please hug!

You'll have to start off somewhere...

Or else,we'll be stuck there.Machines asking genies for prizes.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lost it?

Think you've lost it too?
your baccha pan?

This song reminded me of the same thing...
(download from http://beemp3.com/download.php?file=4793451&song=Garaj+Baras+-+ApnaMela.Com+-)

Artist: Jagjit Singh
Album: In Sight

garaj baras pyaasii dhartii par phir paanii de maulaa
chiDiyon ko daanaa, bachchon ko guDadhaanii de maulaa

do aur do kaa jod hameshaa chaar kahaan hotaa hai
soch samajhavaalon ko thodii naadaanii de maulaa

(the sum of 2 and 2 is not always 4,give some randomness to the intelligent)

phir roshan kar zahar kaa pyaalaa chamakaa naii saliiben
jhuuThon kii duniyaa men sach ko taabaanii de maulaa

[saliiben=Christian cross; taabaanii brightness]

phir muurat se baahar aakar chaaron or bikhar jaa
phir mandir ko koii miiraa diivaanii de maulaa

tere hote koii kisii kii jaan kaa dushman kyon ho
jiinevaalon ko marane kii aasaanii de maulaa

get the concepts right!

This happened in anoopshehar where we were invited to teach 10th class students for a week.

In one of the classes,we just randomly asked..What do you want to become when you grow up?
There were numerous responses...engineers,doctors,teachers...

The most common one was..that of an engineer..

So,I asked one of the weak students,why don't you want to become an engineer?
And he replied:

"guruji,jab sab engineer banjayenge,to bora kaun dhoyego?"
(if everyone becomes an engineer,then who'll carry the sacks?)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Is this what you're doing to your kid?

baba ji,dasso hun main ki karaan?

(munna..this one's inspired from you...)

Monday, June 01, 2009

The last semester

Oh,there you are...

Certain questions which have boggled my mind almost the whole of the last semester,(this i may site as a reason for my poor grades),but I hope you understand the answers are not so easily found...

Pardon me from being ingratitude filled,but

why are you living?
I think anyone from my college or he industry,reading this now on an iMac of a desktop,has enough money to sustain him,comfortably,for almost the rest of his life?

Then,what are you working for??
Naaah,too lame,what are you living for?

Nobody will give you a reply,which shall satisfy you,until you fray your nerves and think over it.

Most people cite,for others,for society,for welfare..
When you die,will these activities cease to exist?
When you die,the world stops?
When you die,all misery shall be overcome,since you've done so much good?

bolo bolo?

bidu,apun ki to lag gayee in sawaalon se....and I've found some replies..
When you ask these questions forcefully and 'dil-se',the replies shall seacrh for you....(too filmy,eh?)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sheer love

If my tears can take away your sorrow,
let my eyes run dry..
If my words could take away your pain,
let me speak in my sleep..
If my voice could soothe your scars,
let it never cease..
And if my prayers could heal you,
let my every breath pray.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

The adventures of chi chi chidiya!

This happened between zotta(harjyot) and me...ess emm ess
:zotta paaji,chi chi chidiya called and said ki dhoop badi hai..garmi lagdi hai.Khane peene mein bhi mushkil hai.main to karditta apne yahan...tussi kitta?

zotta:maa nu bol ditta..

next day..
:paaji.chi chi chidiya asks if the work is done.
zotta:ma roz paani khaana daldi hain.

:chi chi chidiya and babaji says thank you to zotta!
zotta:main to kar raha haan apna KARMA
:to chi chi chidiya nu thanku das jo ae mauka ditta!
zotta:jai chi chi!

have you earned your thank you from the chi chi chidiya??
what stops you?
chi chi chidiya likes bajra seeds and water in an earthen vase...
yo chi chi studd chidiyaa!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pee roblem?

The problem right now is...nothing!

Just we're not sharing enough good things with people.

When we're happy,we remember people who had last done good to us.I say last done,since a single bad action destroys all previous victories.

So when you're happy...do something you've never done before...something you've never planned to do before..

Or if you're too tired...
send a funny forwarded sms to a grumpy busy businesslike person?of course,along with,to those who you love!

yo dude!!


Ek subah,college ke mandir ke saamne ek banda mattha tek raha tha..

Nahi bhai kuch nahi hone waala,nahi jaane waala recession.
bhagwaan se kya mang rahe ho,woh to khud girvi pade hue hain!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When you stop living!

"tujhe bhejun sandesh meri laado?
ki tu na aana is des meri laado?"

Often,as it happens,we lose touch of common friends.What say of common old friends but even of ourselves.How we used to dance in the rain,how we laughed and made jokes about any tiny observations we had in a movie,or how we used to do lots of little things,which were fun!

Then,what is the problem?

The problem is,that
1.We are not sharing enough of good things.
2.We are thinking of time,office and work having control over us.

Can you beat that?We actually barter things that we liked(rain,fun) for things like office?

So what can you do?
here's what i do...
Whenever there's something special happening,something that makes me feel glad,something that touches the heart...

I send an abrupt sms.

An abrupt sms like..kyun hoti hai.....<5 lines gap> uttran?
Or something like..Omlette banate woqt kya dhaniya dalta hai?
or the one you see on the top..
or at the most a forwarded one..

And specially send it to people,who you know that wouldn't reply,or those who you think are supposed to be really busy with their work,or people who are down.

9 out of 10 times,u'll get a reply,or atleast u'll talk about this in future...

Don't try this aise hi..try it when you really feel like sending this sms...feel like "I-am-happy-but-this-person-maybe-not"

I've tried it with top notch professionals,directors,teachers,artists, bussy bees.
Just to make sure that they won't forget what they're actually working for!

Random thoughts

During a conversation at Spice mall with ankit(Fankee)

Me:le..sardaar ka phone aa gaya..
Sardar(sitting on the side):(starts talking to his girl friend)

Fankee:haan haan poore updates maangti hai..har baar phone karke apna database update karti hai...
Name:wahi hai..
Address:wahi hai..
Sex:nahi yaar..abhi khana khaaya hai!!

Be creative,be a Balshree:

My blog:
Care for India,speak for it:

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Kabhie jaanti thi teri shama humein,parwaano ki tarah....
kal,teri mehfil mein,tujhse mile,anjaano ki tarah.

Shabdaarth(word meanings):

1.Shama:flame of a candle

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kab jaana ye ishq hai?

Requestwa:please don't relate or askwa why i wrotewa such a poemwa..its just a random thought..

kab jaana ye ishq hai? कब जाना ये इश्क है?

jab aankhon se behti majhdhaar ko ,जब आँखों से बहती मज धार को,
wo haath apnane lage,वोह हाथ अपनाने लगे,

aur khud-b-khub haath badhkar, और ख़ुद--ख़ुद हाथ बढ़कर,
haathon mein samane lage, हाथों में समाने लगे,

aur hoton par aayi baat ko, और होटों पर आई बात
tere nayan batane lage, तेरे नयन बताने लगे,

tab jaana ye ishq hai, तब जन ये इश्क है!

jab yaad teri aane bhar se,जब याद तेरी आने भर से
geele cheent,gaalon par aane lage,गीले छींट,गालों पर आने
लगे ,

jab raat ko yunhi baithe hue,जब रात को यूँही बैठे
aise geet zehen mein aane lage, ऐसे गीत जेहन में आने लगे,

aur mohalle mein apne,hum, और मोहल्ले में अपने हम,
shayar kehlaane lage,शायर कहलाने लगे,

tab jaana ye ishq hai,
तब जन ये इश्क है!

jab haathon mein uske,जब हाथों में उसके,
haath dekh tera,हाथ देख तेरा,

na tanj na shikan ke, तंज, शिकन के ,
phir bhi tujhe apnane lage ,फिर भी तुझे अपनाने लगे ,

aur aise khayaalo ki aad le, और ऐसे ही ख्यालों की आड़ लेकर,
us dard ko hum bhulaane lage,उस दर्द को हम भुलाने लगे

tab jaana..haan..Ye ishq hai, तब जाना....हाँ...ये इश्क

aur jab sunai,ye ghazal use, और जब सुनायी ये ग़ज़ल उसे,
jise ye sab ishq karne ke bahane lage, जिसे ये सब इश्क करने के बहाने लगे,

tab jaana ye ishq hai! तब जाना ये इश्क है!

majhdhaar:flowing river
zehan:in the mind

Friday, March 20, 2009



this poem has literally occurred to me!
literally occurred.

darakhton ke beech se,woh jhaankti palke,
uthti palken,jhukti palken,
gir ke uthti,sambhalti palken,
dhoondhti hai,na jaane kaunsa nazara
door jhankti,woh khoyee si palken.

bikhare kaajal ka intehan ye palken,
ek shayar ki hai,sazza ye palken,
doobti ubharti sawarti palken,
par na jaane aaj kyun,
hain,num ye palken,num ye palken.

falak se zameen tak,taankti palken,
shaam ki chuppi mein gumsum si palken,
dilon ko cheerti,chalakti palken,
kuch kehne se khud ko rokti palken,
falakti palken,chalakti palken,
par na jaane kyun
phir bhi nam ye palken,
nam ye palken.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A biologists love...

A biologists love

Teaching few 10th class students, some biology of the cell(which I myself, mugged up only a
few days before the exams),a very distant and weird thought hit me. Why is it that all cells
perform their duty?

There seem to me,2 answers for it...a utilitarian one and another one which is on a higher
plane(no..not (1,1,0)).

Doesn't it seem weird to you, how each cell endless and diligently performs it duties without fail? How cells remain in harmony, and yet help each other out in carrying out there own duties?

On a hilarious note, how would the thinking process of a cell work?
"Hi!yay!!great...i have been born out of one cell,say,by mitosis..

wohoo!i didn't know it by i have another brother of mine just round the corner..

oooh.not only one brother, but millions of them. and hey!they all look alike..

yaar,life mein kuch fun bhi hona chahiye..chalo..cancer kare!

*now the dilemma of life begins*
am i special? was i born to do a special task, since everyone of my so called

busy-in-their-own-task brothers are doing the same task that i am doing..still thinking..

dameet,its time to die...


How is it that they all do their work so efficiently to make the body run so perfectly in sync?

And maybe they all get tired of our thanklessness towards them, that they start misbehaving
towards the end of life…or as we age?

One of the solution towards this dilemma is...

They do it just utalitarianly..

All the desire is only their own survival, own growth, own promotion(if there is any,in the cellular world),and their own propagation.

They are selfish, mindless freaks, who are rigid, move only as per their DNA commandments, to attain a successful cellular life.

In short, much like towards world, they do everything just for their own utility..for their own benefit..not thinking, for any communal/community cellular benefit.

Another point of view, would be to assume them to be carefree,yet caring,social beings,who are performing their duties out of love for the body, for the love of the well being of life and its sustenance.

They are true saints, selfless, being born and dying every second for our well being,our life..

Maybe they don't know it, that they do so for a common good, maybe they're just doing what they think is right, but still unknowingly, they are doing this out of love.

And,as concerns with me, I think this is theory I support.. out of love, shall all beings be born!

Monday, March 09, 2009

A few senti lines form Guna

Had gone to JIET Guna for a college festival,where these lines struck me..

"khaakh mein mil jagoge,
kya reh jaaoge deewaano..

na dastaan thi tumhaari,
aur na koi dastaan rahegi.."

and another...

"If you can't thank people for what they are,atleast thank them for what they aren't!"

awww...senti ho gaya naa?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mol.Bio..main ni!

146 bp around the h2a,h2b,h3 and h4.
146:dr six.dr.sick?

kyunki doctor ka transfer hota rehta hai...
acyltransferases,methyltransferases,and kinases(phosphate transferases)

rest 74 bp.:car linker.

h3 and h4 remain most conserved.

histone acetylases:Hats and Hdacs deacetylases.
more effective on KS(evs waali..lysing and serine)..kyunki woh hat pehenti hai..

ye numbers yaad karo:3.4Armstrong,34 armstrong,20 armstrongs and 36degree per turn.


PTC...abhi itni hi bani hai..


shabdaawali(terms to remeber):

haberlandt:father of tissue culture.
(icici par daddy ji(anupam kher of KKG)..with land ke papers)

white:successful long term culture of tomato roots
(1st hostel ke saamne,safed tomatoes)

morel and martin:culture of virus free dahlia through meristems
(Sac ke neeche.marty(maagascar?) making dalia)

miller and skoog:root:shoot,auxin:cytokinin
(tuck ke aage,uncle scrooge rate-io pooch re hain)

cocking:ezmyme,cell wall,protoplast
(nahi..main iska nahi bat sakta)

presentation:lab org and equipment

Cn=10^N X 9.1/d)^2.08

BSC1:collg waale cabinet with HEPA filter on exhaust.

BSC2:vertical waale,no volatle compund protection
dono jagah HEPA filter,input and exhaust.

type A:no vents,recirculated.
type b1:vented,30% exhausted,70% recirculated.
type b2:vented,all air exhausted.
type b3:70% exhausted,30% recirculated.

BSC 3:enclosed air tight,gloves,exhausted 2 hepa,

tetrazonium salts to red formazon:viable will be red.
evan's blue stain of dead
flourescein diacetate(FDA):green flourescein in viable.s

Thursday, January 15, 2009


College ke kaarnaame:

A few things happened in the college,or let me say,with some college people and though i hate to put it like this,I was the central joker in all.

Both of them,happened the same day,and lemme put them chronologically yet diplomatically:

1.I was coming back from Lakshmi nagar,after meeting a friend and was walking back from the bus stop to my place.As usually happens with people of my age,both of their eyes always fixed into their mobile phones.

I walked past a lady,and then..after a few(10) steps i realize..wasn't this esha's mum?

I turn around immediately,saying loudly,Namaste aunty(no..no..don't take me like that,i was in a good mood that day,that's why i took so much of pain).

She is bewildered..amazed at the loudness and the distance after which is spoke..and then says..namaste namaste..maine pehchaana ni.

By this time,I had a good look at her,and realize that she does ook like her mother,but then there's some change.

Chalo baal katwaa liye honge i think.Then i give her another look,a grim one this time..and she says,maybe terrified of my face and the absurdity of the situation..haan haan,ab pehchaan liya.

I was still away from my place,so walking back,i again started what my generation is best at.I typed a message:"chee esha,teri mummy ko maine namaste bol ke darrrra diya!".

Happily,I entered my house,thinking what a scene would it be when she asks her mum about this incident.

She replies:"ah...kab?kahan par?".I reply,"koi ni..kal bataunga".

And then,I start off with the paper,thinking what fun it would be to narrate this story to other people.

And suddenly,it occurs to me..both of her parents are out of town for the last one week!

2.Ye waala aur bhi mast tha!

I was to talk to my friends mum and convince her to send her(my frnd) to the college trip.

One of my "dangar" frnd gave me her mum's number,saying hat if he talks,her mum would even stop sending her to the college.SO fine,i say,i'll talk.

I call up one day,(no not so easily..just after much delibration and convincing and rehearsals myself),and ask on the phone for Mrs Day.

Her father picks up the phone,says she's not around and then,maybe because he was busy,cuts the phone without asking any further question about my identity or reason for calling..thankfully(for we are not so much acquainted with him,than her mum).

A few days later,again making up my mind(i had to think upon this and medidate for this.for 3 hrs..nah..kidding),i call on the same number again.Her dad agains picks up the phone.

I ask for Mrs Day,he says,she's not around..And this time...I was not so thankful.He asks,whom am i talking to,for what reason do you want to talk to her.

My mind slams up its breaks and all making up of mind seems only a touch up..I reply in hesitation..hi this is sameer...do you want insuance??

The gentleman replies...no not right now.Thank you.
phew..close shave...

Then we decide to call my frnd up and ask her to pass the phone to her mum.Sure shot,method this time.

imagine what would have happened if she would have said..mum to nahi hai..le papa se baat kar.

His dad replies:haan beta batao,kya bat hai..

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Divine love

ahem...ye kissi ke liye likhi thi...
mat poochna!!

her kohl underlined eyes,
as fresh as the mist,
from a morning flower,
elude and draw me,
into infinite ecstasy,
leave behind an afterglow
and a sweet scent
those mystic eyes,
leave me in a trance

I could but only
watch them with awe,
lost in their splendor
to touch,
to see away,
lest they vanish,
in their mystic world

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Did they forget some parts of the Ramayana?

I hope everybody remebers the Ramayana.
This is the version,I was told in punjabi in my pre chidlhood years:

"Ram ji di 'nu' kho jandi hai,woh dhundhde hege,ravan le jaanda hega,phir oh hannuman te baandaraan di sahayata naal humla karde hege,lanka tut jaandi hegi,sita mil jaandi hegi"

But,story mein twist.The story missed out on some crucial points.Some very critical and far reaching discoveries:

1.It is well known that monkeys are always selfish.They'll never think about you or anybody around while snatching their valauable things or foods.At the same time,being simians,they are very fond of their and only their community.Place a langur before them,they won't give him any importance.

So,what did the story miss?The story missed this part:
"while every monkey from all over India were rushing towards rameshwaram,to help Shri Ram in building the bridge from this side to Lanka,and preparing for the consequent battle,
a few monkeys from maharashtra side,were very individualistic.they thought,he's an intelligent human being,let him find ways to do it all alone.Let us care for our community and our monkey kind".

Unfortunately,such moneyistic attitude gave them an advantage of not being wounded or killed in the battle of Lanka.And nature then mistakenly chose them to be the fittest over the rest.
They floursihed,spread their empire and even now they have got represntataives all over.

We still have some of them,still in their true colours,named and famed as..Raj Thackrey!

2.On the other side,the deamon king Ravana also just forgot to use some of his army.They were like his chief reserve force,expert in guirella warfare and spoke very fluent Lankan.

Along with other qualities of hatred,distrust and anarchy of daemons,they had the special quality to sustain their demand for their rights for a very very long period and were also very individualistic.

So they did not die,and prabhu Shri Ram also forgot to punish them.
They also came out to be prosperous,and still have their empire.

We still have them and their cousins around..the LTTE.

okay....maanta hun,these jokes were extremely lame,but...then what else could you expect from me?!