Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Don't you think you're wonderful?
truly lucky and amazing,just to be alive?

Well,I don't say so because of some spiritual guruistic knowledge,dawned upon me from some sixth adobe above the clouds.

I can say so scientifically!

I hope you know the third law of thermodynamics,about entropy,about everything moving from order to chaos,spontaneously?
That in order to reverse this process,it takes hell lot of energy?

and then you see around,and find everything around you behaving in accordance to this law?

Except you?

your body is a structural marvel!its a biologists nightmare!

so many enzymes,so many chemicals rolled into one,one concrete bound mass,not disorder,not randomness,but complete harmony,and synchrony!


Of course it would take a lot of energy to maintain this level of order,so why does this happen?

Here's my abstraction:
The whole,i mean the whole system of the universe wants to express something out of you.That's why so many different chemicals,decided exactly of heir composition and came together to form you.

What it is,when it shall come,none knows.But that's the reason why such humongous amount of energy was spent in creating you,to create such order.

The very fact that,while i bathe,i do not disintegrate,is simply the reason,why i am so lucky!

Maybe..maybe when u're not acting to express something,or not acting at all,or maybe your expression is complete,you just disintegrate.Simply die.

die die die..my darling!:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

What if?

What if,the world that we now understand,is not as how we understand it?

Just take,for example,your eyes,which allow a visual display of all vivid colors and emotions around you,of all that is happening around you,your world,your home,your everything..the visual input,the camera,your eyes.

what if?

The eyes were not the input,not the camera.But a projector?

The world would change,your eyes projecting not whats around you,but whats in you.Projecting your prejudices,your attitudes,your emotions,your thoughts...but still,on a deeper level,your everything!