Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mol.Bio..main ni!

146 bp around the h2a,h2b,h3 and h4.
146:dr six.dr.sick?

kyunki doctor ka transfer hota rehta hai...
acyltransferases,methyltransferases,and kinases(phosphate transferases)

rest 74 bp.:car linker.

h3 and h4 remain most conserved.

histone acetylases:Hats and Hdacs deacetylases.
more effective on KS(evs waali..lysing and serine)..kyunki woh hat pehenti hai..

ye numbers yaad karo:3.4Armstrong,34 armstrong,20 armstrongs and 36degree per turn.


PTC...abhi itni hi bani hai..


shabdaawali(terms to remeber):

haberlandt:father of tissue culture.
(icici par daddy ji(anupam kher of KKG)..with land ke papers)

white:successful long term culture of tomato roots
(1st hostel ke saamne,safed tomatoes)

morel and martin:culture of virus free dahlia through meristems
(Sac ke neeche.marty(maagascar?) making dalia)

miller and skoog:root:shoot,auxin:cytokinin
(tuck ke aage,uncle scrooge rate-io pooch re hain)

cocking:ezmyme,cell wall,protoplast
(nahi..main iska nahi bat sakta)

presentation:lab org and equipment

Cn=10^N X 9.1/d)^2.08

BSC1:collg waale cabinet with HEPA filter on exhaust.

BSC2:vertical waale,no volatle compund protection
dono jagah HEPA filter,input and exhaust.

type A:no vents,recirculated.
type b1:vented,30% exhausted,70% recirculated.
type b2:vented,all air exhausted.
type b3:70% exhausted,30% recirculated.

BSC 3:enclosed air tight,gloves,exhausted 2 hepa,

tetrazonium salts to red formazon:viable will be red.
evan's blue stain of dead
flourescein diacetate(FDA):green flourescein in viable.s