Friday, March 20, 2009



this poem has literally occurred to me!
literally occurred.

darakhton ke beech se,woh jhaankti palke,
uthti palken,jhukti palken,
gir ke uthti,sambhalti palken,
dhoondhti hai,na jaane kaunsa nazara
door jhankti,woh khoyee si palken.

bikhare kaajal ka intehan ye palken,
ek shayar ki hai,sazza ye palken,
doobti ubharti sawarti palken,
par na jaane aaj kyun,
hain,num ye palken,num ye palken.

falak se zameen tak,taankti palken,
shaam ki chuppi mein gumsum si palken,
dilon ko cheerti,chalakti palken,
kuch kehne se khud ko rokti palken,
falakti palken,chalakti palken,
par na jaane kyun
phir bhi nam ye palken,
nam ye palken.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A biologists love...

A biologists love

Teaching few 10th class students, some biology of the cell(which I myself, mugged up only a
few days before the exams),a very distant and weird thought hit me. Why is it that all cells
perform their duty?

There seem to me,2 answers for it...a utilitarian one and another one which is on a higher
plane(no..not (1,1,0)).

Doesn't it seem weird to you, how each cell endless and diligently performs it duties without fail? How cells remain in harmony, and yet help each other out in carrying out there own duties?

On a hilarious note, how would the thinking process of a cell work?
"Hi!yay!!great...i have been born out of one cell,say,by mitosis..

wohoo!i didn't know it by i have another brother of mine just round the corner..

oooh.not only one brother, but millions of them. and hey!they all look alike..

yaar,life mein kuch fun bhi hona chahiye..chalo..cancer kare!

*now the dilemma of life begins*
am i special? was i born to do a special task, since everyone of my so called

busy-in-their-own-task brothers are doing the same task that i am doing..still thinking..

dameet,its time to die...


How is it that they all do their work so efficiently to make the body run so perfectly in sync?

And maybe they all get tired of our thanklessness towards them, that they start misbehaving
towards the end of life…or as we age?

One of the solution towards this dilemma is...

They do it just utalitarianly..

All the desire is only their own survival, own growth, own promotion(if there is any,in the cellular world),and their own propagation.

They are selfish, mindless freaks, who are rigid, move only as per their DNA commandments, to attain a successful cellular life.

In short, much like towards world, they do everything just for their own utility..for their own benefit..not thinking, for any communal/community cellular benefit.

Another point of view, would be to assume them to be carefree,yet caring,social beings,who are performing their duties out of love for the body, for the love of the well being of life and its sustenance.

They are true saints, selfless, being born and dying every second for our well being,our life..

Maybe they don't know it, that they do so for a common good, maybe they're just doing what they think is right, but still unknowingly, they are doing this out of love.

And,as concerns with me, I think this is theory I support.. out of love, shall all beings be born!

Monday, March 09, 2009

A few senti lines form Guna

Had gone to JIET Guna for a college festival,where these lines struck me..

"khaakh mein mil jagoge,
kya reh jaaoge deewaano..

na dastaan thi tumhaari,
aur na koi dastaan rahegi.."

and another...

"If you can't thank people for what they are,atleast thank them for what they aren't!"

awww...senti ho gaya naa?