Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mind it?

When I meet you,how do I recognize you?
Of course,by your smell(mind the cliche),or by your voice,your face,or by your touch,and of course,not by your taste.

Simply,I use my 5 senses,of smell,hearing,seeing or touching.

These senses send the signal to my brain,who makes connections and thus recognizes you.

So see this whole process from a different point of view.

Could it be possible,since we do no have any other way of recognizing people,that there is no me or you,its just the brain playing tricks?

Its just the brain,telling the senses that somebody has touched it,or it has smelled something,or it has seen something.

Sounds matrix like?Maybe,but we may have no other way of knowing it,until we try to develop the sixth sense.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


She looks at me,
her scent alluring,
I stop in my tracks,
unable to move,
her icy sheet,
freezes me,
I shiver,
with joy.
The white lilies,
bloomed again.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it?

Is it the eyes that see?
Or is it the mind that sees?

Who interprets?Who makes the picture?

Does the world seem,nay,even look the same to me and the dog?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tasting water

You can't taste water!

It neither has any taste or atleast a very minute,very subtle taste.

You and water are essentially the same!
You're(and even I am) 70% water.So whenever water enters our system,there's basically no chemical reaction,or a very minute one.

No chemistry,no reaction,no taste?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ze boddy!

Written one night for a dear friend:


1.What is the body?

Isn't it just various chemicals,various elements joined together?Various chemicals of various elements,working together?
Even the mind which produces thoughts,is a blob of various chemicals?

Isn't it then just amazing,that a blob of chemicals,the same chemicals that we use in our chemistry labs,
the same chemicals that some times go down the drain in our kitchens and bathrooms,
which we sometimes eat as food,
waste as our solvents and cleaners,

is producing something as fascinating and exciting as a thought?

A thought,something as subtle as what I am writing.

2.What is then pain?
Pain would be just an imbalance in the body's chemicals.

A dis balance which is cured by providing external medicines(chemicals again) or asking the body to look at it and balance itself(acupressure,puncture).

3.Why does pain,then,hurt so much?

Because we can't control it.

The imbalance doesn't sort out itself,automatically,therefore the pain controls us.It goes on until we find something external to control it,a pill or some pressure point.

Sometimes,there is just deficiency of the chemicals in the body,so just a change of diet would cure the pain.

4.But then,if everything is chemicals,simply various phospholipids,proteins,et al,then how can they,the chemicals,arrange and organize themselves so efficiently to create a body,a mind and thoughts?

Why can't a bottle of shampoo containing the same chemicals do so?

What controls these chemicals?Why don't they just spill out?

They are bound by the will.Call it the will,the law,the love,the soul,whatever.

That is what controls them.It works through the mind to control the body.It produces the thought in the mind.

How can then we control the pain,the body and the mind?

By controlling,or by knowing the will or the soul.

Thats what still remains to be found out!
well,chanting is a way,you can try that out,or you can find an way that works for you.

Btw,ever wondered why water doesn't have any taste?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lots of things.. aaj ka din..

did a few interesting things..which included thinking on these topics:

1.heard kailash kher's new album..awesum dood...yo dude!

2.thought about this:
If the whole world,well most of us,or maybe the most of who i see are running after money,more and more money...then,wouldn't it make more sense,that they tried doing things that were less painful and more paying?

like why should i get a degree,if all i want is to earn money?Why shouldn't i buy a grocery shop and run it and in four years of my degree,i may be richer than I'll be after my degree.

3.Was doing a bit of riyaaz,singing raag todi,and was bored with the usual stuff,so tried this:

a)tried to zoom in from a distance,like the google maps,and tried zooming in on my neighbors house,where i had flown a lot of kites,the stairs where their tenants have their cigarettes,their kaam waali bai who cooks food in the kitchen before the tenants come,

and explain it all using raag todi?

b)played simpsons,muted on the music player,and then tried to mimic all the actions using raag toodi??

4.Its kind of wierd that all we usually use to communicate is sounds.We speak,we talk to each other using words,we communicate.

Yet their are very few words explaining the sounds.The normal small talk is fine,yet just sit back and try to listen to all the sounds,whichyou can't comprehend and then try to describe them.Very few words.

Made a new word after hearing a sound in front of spice,called Rarking.

the spice mall had a board saying parking,and i did this excercise in front of
ab maaroge mujhe?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Closed eyes

As I,
close the two petals,
and enter into a realm,
yet unknown,
yet infinite,
yet alluring,
dwelling deeper,
into myself.
I blink.


Why do we quarrel?
Why at all?

Because,we believe that we are right and the other person is wrong?
that's the only reason which seems logical,except the quarrel we have just for lightning up the mood.

But then,why do we think the other person is wrong,in a serious quarrel?

Isn't this also a duality?A right and a wrong?

Think about it,were you in their place,under their circumstances,forced to be brought up as they were,wouldn't have you reacted similarly?

Then,where is the quarrel?
Is is just a matter of difference of opinions or just the perspective?

Because, matter how many fights,quarrels,you win..
you just can't win in the end.

By the way,have you met anybody,who cheated death?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Love in the times of origami

"Each piece of paper(soul) is potentially origami(divine)..
Its just a matter of how you fold it..."

me likes origami!

Monday, July 06, 2009


I have,
started sitting quietly,
and let my silence talk.

A deep,sonorous,silence.

And as I stand still,
my silence grows.

Friday, July 03, 2009


Watched gladiator...and...umm...kuch similar hai?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mare jaoge?

As the wretched wrench turns
and the whistles blow,
announcing an end,or its near,
the lighter shades,
the colour fades,
and drains out,
like the palm that,
loses its colour,
pressed against its own thumb.

Written after just seeing and not experiencing the pressure that commercial research
implies,for producing drugs for everyone's benefit,yet draining the same people that make
them happen.